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    Metal Fabrication Arizona

    Process Fabrication is located in Casa Grande, Arizona. This makes us convenient for clients in Phoenix, Tucson, Casa Grande, and the surrounding areas. Our facility can handle all kinds of jobs, including the following:

    • Sanitary piping installation in Arizona
    • Custom fabrication including custom tanks and skids
    • Piping repairs in Arizona
    • Piping replacement in Arizona
    • Large skid fabrication

    The diversity of services we offer makes us the perfect choice for all kinds of different jobs. We bring experience and dependable work ethic to every job we take. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service through quality workmanship, safety, and reliability. This commitment to excellence shines through in our process.


    Our Process

    Our ability to create effective custom solutions is due in large part to our process. We manage the process ourselves from start to finish to ensure excellent results. We start by working with our clients to finalize the design exactly how they want it. We order top quality materials for the job at hand and create a schedule to ensure we’ll have all the resources we need to complete the project. From there, we complete the fabrication and deliver the final product to our client.

    Custom Fabrications and Solutions

    We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry to ensure our customized fabrications are flawless every time. All of the following help us create the best skid fabrications, piping repairs, and sanitary installations in Arizona.

    • We follow GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, and orbital welding compliant with FDA, USDA, 3-A, BPE, ASME (R) guidelines.
    • We use 304L/316L stainless steel, Hastelloy, and other special alloys to create customized industrial equipment that is hygienic and offers the highest purity.
    • Our certified welders are highly trained. This enables them to perform quality welding and form stainless steel into complex systems and equipment.
    • We don’t begin fabrication until we have a clear plan that has been validated by the client. Our welders and fabricators work closely with the customer to ensure quality and accuracy.
    • We offer a wide range of finishing capabilities from glass beading to mirror-like finishes.
    • We offer on-site fabrication services to minimize disruption of existing plant operations, ensure high-quality workmanship, minimize system downtime during installation, and guarantee that your project is completed promptly.

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